Okays Me – Privacy Policy

Updated on November 17, 2023.

Introduction and Summary

The OkaysMe, accessible at https://okays.me/, offers a wide range of content, including news, product and service promotions, and links to offers from partner companies.

We focus on connecting users with the most relevant services, covering everything from apps and job opportunities to travel and various benefits.

We prioritize the security of users’ personal data. Our Privacy Policy reflects our commitment to protecting your privacy and information.

For clarifications or additional information, users are invited to consult our privacy policy or contact us via email at [email protected]

Scope of the Privacy Policy

OkaysMe operates as a platform dedicated to content and the promotion of products and services. The site’s function is strictly promotional, without establishing direct contracts with users.

Commercial interactions between users and partner advertisers are conducted on external platforms, and OkaysMe does not request or store banking or financial data. The site’s relationship with users is based solely on information.

If users receive requests for personal data, they should inform OkaysMe via email at [email protected]. The platform does not assume responsibility for fraudulent attempts by third parties.

By using OkaysMe, users automatically agree to the site’s Privacy Policy, which is fundamental for the security of all parties. If you do not agree with our policies, we ask that you do not use our services.

It is important to consider this Policy alongside the Terms of Use for legal reasons. Both documents specify how OkaysMe manages data collection and associated responsibilities, covering site maintenance and user access.

I. Information We Collect


Simply browsing OkaysMe does not result in the automatic collection of personal data. However, users have the option to register to access exclusive content, where personal information such as name, email, phone, and address is requested.

This data collection in restricted areas allows OkaysMe to provide specific content, confirm the user’s identity, whether individual or business and enable the customization of strategies.

Personal data may also be collected when users contact OkaysMe for information or to report problems. In these situations, the data is stored for site management and control.


In addition to personal data provided voluntarily during registration or direct contact, OkaysMe also collects non-personal data during user site navigation. This global collection helps personalize the user experience and guides advertising campaigns.

Log Files capture information such as IP addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), date and time, referral pages, and clicks.

We use Cookies to understand user preferences, recording activities such as clicks to create consumption profiles. This allows us to offer products and experiences aligned with user interests, improving responsiveness. Users have the option to disable Cookies on their operating systems; otherwise, continued use indicates implicit consent.


The OkaysMe OkaysMe employs Google Analytics to analyze site usage and improve the user experience, using Cookies to track information such as time spent on the site and pages accessed. Additional details can be found on the official Google Analytics page.

To generate engaging content, we also use third-party analytics and Cookies, monitoring time spent on the site and pages visited. In testing new features, Cookies help maintain a consistent experience and identify necessary optimizations.

For advertising, we use Google AdSense, which also uses cookies to display relevant ads and reduce repetition. More information is available in the Google AdSense FAQs.

Advertising is a source of funding for the site and for future developments. We use behavioral advertising Cookies to present relevant ads. Affiliate tracking Cookies help identify if a user came through a partner, allowing proper credit.

Partner Cookies are not managed by us, but users can disable them in their operating system settings. Redirects to partner pages do not imply a direct relationship. Our privacy policy is valid only for visits to OkaysMe.

II. How We Use Your Information

OkaysMe uses the information collected through our site to improve the user experience and increase operational efficiency. One way we do this is by maintaining the site ensuring its effective operation. We also customize and expand our site’s offerings to better meet the needs and preferences of users.

Understanding and analyzing visitor usage patterns is another crucial aspect, as this helps us adapt site functionality and content. This includes creating new products, services, features, and functionalities corresponding to evolving user needs and technological advances.

Direct interaction with users or through our partners is equally important. This involves providing customer support, providing updates on the site, and information for marketing and promotion purposes. Additionally, we send emails that may be of interest to users, such as newsletters, promotions, and other relevant announcements.

Finally, we work to identify and prevent fraudulent activities. This action is vital to ensure the security and integrity of our site and users’ personal information.

III. Commitment to Protecting Your Information

OkaysMe does not sell user information but may share it with partners to improve the user experience and develop products and services. Users can request, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that their information not be shared.

We reaffirm our commitment to the security of data collection and storage, aiming to improve the user experience and develop our site. We recognize that complete data security on the internet is not guaranteed, and we reserve the right to take legal action against data breaches by malicious third parties.

IV. Exercising Your Rights

1. Your Rights

We collect your personal data only when necessary to provide a service fairly, legally, and with your consent. We clearly explain the reason and use of this data.

You can choose not to provide your personal information, but this may limit our ability to offer some services. We do not publicly share your personal information or share it with third parties unless required by law. If you want your data removed from our records, please contact us.

2. Data Retention Policy

We store collected data only for the time necessary to provide the requested service. We adopt recognized protection measures to prevent loss, theft, and unauthorized access, as well as to prevent the disclosure, copying, use, or improper alteration of data.

V. California Privacy Rights

Under the California Privacy Rights, individuals residing in California have specific rights regarding their personal information. These include the right to know and request deletion of collected data, as well as the option to opt out of personal information sales to third parties. Residents are also protected from discrimination for exercising these rights. 

Okays Me is committed to upholding the California Privacy Rights, ensuring transparency, and respecting user choices regarding the collection and use of their personal information. 

VI. GDPR Data Protection Rights

Within the framework of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), “Okays Me” is dedicated to safeguarding the data protection rights of our users. Users residing in the European Union have the right to access, rectify, and erase their personal data, as well as the right to restrict or object to its processing.

We ensure that user data is handled lawfully, transparently, and with utmost integrity. Additionally, users can exercise their right to data portability, allowing them to receive their personal data in a commonly used and machine-readable format. 

VII. Parent’s Children Information

According to the law, OkaysMe does not collect information from individuals under 18 years of age and encourages parents to monitor internet use by children and adolescents.

Recognizing the difficulty in verifying user age, we are committed to quickly deleting personal data from minors as soon as we become aware of it.

For cases of data collection from minors, parents and guardians can contact us at [email protected] so that we can take the necessary actions to remove such information.

VIII. Review of Our Privacy Policy

OkaysMe reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy as necessary to adapt to new technologies, changes in legislation, or changes in our operations.

We commit to clearly and transparently communicating any changes to our users. We advise periodic review of our Privacy Policy to stay updated on the protection of your personal information. By continuing to use our services after modifications, you will be agreeing to the changes.

IX. Our Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments about the OkaysMe Privacy Policy, questions about your personal data, our methods of collecting and sharing information, or to discuss your preferences, please contact us via email at [email protected].