Real Companies That Produce Costco’s Kirkland Brand Products

Store brands allow you to pay less for products while maintaining the same quality as more expensive ones. Learn all about Kirkland's products and who manufactures them.


    Sometimes, you don’t have to choose price over quality

    Learn all about the companies that produce these 15 Kirkland’s products – Pinterest/@outsidemagazine

    Store brands, also known as private label brands, are products owned and exclusively sold by a specific store or retailer. In Kirkland Signature’s case, it is exclusively available at Costco.

    With store brands, retailers can diversify their product offerings, offering other options to buyers with varying purchasing power.

    Store brands benefit both retailers and consumers. Retailers can boost their profit margins by selling store brand products, while consumers can save money and access products that often meet their needs.

    In Kirkland’s case, the brand provides a wide variety of products, including household items, food and beverages, hygiene items, clothing, electronics, and more. Kirkland’s products find their way into every corner of their clients’ homes.

    Therefore, it’s natural to wonder about the source of Kirkland’s products and the actual manufacturers behind them. However, not every manufacturer wants buyers to know they produce items for store brands at lower prices.

    As a result, some brands that manufacture Kirkland’s products are publicly known, while others remain anonymous.

    In this article, you’ll discover 15 brands that produce products rebranded as Kirkland and sold at Costco. Check it out!

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