10 Reasons that Prove Japanese Cartoons Are Made for Adults

From deep philosophical questions to intense psychological thrillers, Japanese animations are a great source of entertainment for adults. Check out the deep messages and mature themes conveyed in anime.


    Anime can bring provocative themes and encourage viewers to reflect on profound questions

    Neon Genesis Evolution – Madhouse

    Because anime is constituted of animated pictures, many people think this is a medium appropriated for children and see it as immature quite often. However, anime, and many animated pictures in general, should not be restrained to their sometimes softer and cuter aesthetics.

    Contrary to all these misconceptions, this entertainment format is capable of carrying deep messages and conveying mature themes through this kind of aesthetic and art style.

    Japanese animation’s first steps date back to the early 20th century and started with short silent films. Especially in the period after World War II, anime became a way of expressing the horror of war and its aftermath, specifically in a country that was devastated by atomic bombs.

    Although anime has passed through different ages and its style and constitution have changed a lot, its essence is still to represent Japanese culture and artistic expression.

    Therefore, even while this animation format has conquered international grounds, it still conveys a unique way of storytelling that follows its cultural roots.

    Anime should still be watched by adults, and to incentivize this audience, it even has genres specific for adults. These genres are Seinen (aimed at the male audience) and Josei (aimed at the female audience).

    More than that, anime remains as a genre that is capable of bringing mature and serious themes, as you will learn in depth in this article.

    10. Historical and cultural references

    Grave of The Fireflies – Studio Ghibli

    The artists who work on anime production have a long history of building stories that reference their time and cultural contexts. Just like any other art form, anime is also a form of expression, report, and protest.

    Therefore, you will find historical and cultural references in many anime series, such as ‘Golden Kamuy,’ which is set in the aftermath of the Russo-Japanese War. This anime provides insight into this historical period as it follows a soldier seeking gold in Hokkaido while exploring Ainu culture and the historical context of post-war Japan.

    A deeply sad and heartfelt movie that also captivates historical references and the brutal reality of war is ‘Grave of The Fireflies.’ If you think Studio Ghibli is all about its cute aesthetic and cottagecore vibes, there’s a lot you can discover in the work of this studio. This movie is set in World War II and portrays two siblings trying to survive the war.

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