Dog Behavior Explained: A Guide to Understanding Your Pet

Why is my dog doing that? This post explains all the questionable habits your dog has. So, read on!


    Learn to read your dog’s habits and behaviors

    Why do dogs sleep in weird positions? Learn more below – @boredpanda/Pinterest

    A few centuries ago, people first started keeping dogs as guard animals. Essentially, they were domesticated to protect humans from other predators and were utilized for hunting food.

    As the years passed, these canines transitioned into being pets. Their companionship became increasingly valued, and now they are widely known as humans’ best friends. Consequently, we spend more time with them and observe habits that we can’t grasp.

    For this reason, veterinary professionals started specializing in understanding their behavior as we learned to care about their well-being rather than viewing dogs solely for their usefulness to us.

    In this post, we will discuss 20 dog behaviors, providing explanations so that you can better understand your best friend and ensure they are in the best environment.

    Sniffing each other’s rear ends

    Dogs greeting each other – @abbyef/Flickr

    Although it may seem like your dog is being rude, this is actually how they express their politeness! 

    As dogs have well-developed olfactory senses, they can smell a lot about other dogs from their rear ends. This behavior helps them determine the other dog’s gender and how they are feeling, essentially aiding in establishing a potential friendship.

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